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Why Use Compass Ipa For Credentialing

Compass IPA understands the importance of submitting accurately completed credentialing/recredentialing applications on a timely basis. It has the software systems and personnel to perform these functions in a timely manner.

Compass IPA has delegated credentialing agreements with over a dozen insurance companies. These agreements save members time and money because our staff assumes all processing requirements. This alleviates a tremendous amount of hassle and responsibility for individual medical offices. A centralized credentialing service for Compass IPA members means easier reapplication processes and less interruption of patient care for credentialing chart reviews and related activities. We complete applications for managed care companies, CAQH and Med-Advantage (credentialing company).

  • Relationships with insurance plans, hospitals and other facilities are maintained on behalf of our physicians. This includes keeping these entities with up-to-date information as it changes or expires.
  • We maintain a complete file of all applications submitted on behalf of our physicians. 
  • All physician information is kept confidential, secure, up-to-date and accurate



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