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At its most basic, credentialing means the process of checking a physician's background and qualifications. At Compass IPA it means much more.

When a physician applies for membership with Compass IPA, our credentialing staff performs verification of the following:

  • Education - when, where, degrees, etc. 
  • Employment history and experience 
  • Hospital privileges 
  • Certification in various medical specialties 
  • Licenses to practice medicine 
  • Liability insurance coverage
  • Disciplinary actions, if any, including malpractice claims 
  • Peer references – can other physicians who have worked closely with the applicant attest to his or her competence? 

Only after all the items have been satisfactorily documented is a physician considered for membership in Compass IPA. And every three years the items that are subject to change are verified again in order for a member to remain in Compass IPA. 



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